In the previous games, there has been a small cafe section in the museum known as the Roost, owned by a barista called Brewster. There was not much you could do here, other than pay 200 bells for a coffee and possibly see KK Slider singing. Once again, New Leaf surprises us with a whole new dynamic. In this new dynamic, we have to build the cafe as a Community Project, AND you can work there!

Creating The CafeEdit


The Cafe

Before you can build Brewster's cafe, you will need to meet a few requirements.

You will have to have the Museum Store (second floor) built for about 7 days

You will need to donate 50+ fish, bugs, fossils, and/or paintings to the Museum

And it will cost you just 298,000 Bells

Finally, once you have gathered these achievements, you can build your very own cafe! I'm sure your townsfolk will love it :)

How to get a JobEdit

Next, once the cafe is ready, you can go in and buy a cup of coffee for the standard 200 bells. After buying 5 cups of coffee, you can take your coffee to go; which means your character will walk around anywhere holding a coffee cup and taking sips from it.

After purchasing coffee 8 times (that's a total of 1600 bells spent!) you can then participate in a part-time job working alongside Brewster. This means serving coffee to all of your friends!


A player serving coffee to a villager.


As a barista, you don't work for nothing. During your shift (from 11am till 11pm) up to four villagers will visit the shop and ask for their coffee. After a while, they will begin to ask for "The Usual". You'll have to remember what they order! Depending on how many orders you get correct, you will be paid in different quality beans.

Ordinary Coffee Beans -sell for 500 Bells

Good Coffee Beans -sell for 1,000 Bells

Very Good Coffee Beans -sell for 2,000 Bells

Superb Coffee Beans - sell for 2,000 Bells

To make working in the coffee shop even more interesting, as you progress you may earn special items! These are the items you could receive:

Coffee Maker - 200 Bells (16 correct orders)

Espresso Maker - 125 Bells (32 correct orders)


Look at those funky Brewster gyroids!

Siphon - 445 Bells (48 correct orders)

Coffee Cup - 500 Bells (64 correct orders)

Milk and Sugar - 250 Bells (80 correct orders)

Coffee Mill - 400 Bells (96 correct orders)

Cafe Uniform - 108 Bells (128 correct orders)

Brewster Styled Gyroids - 828 Bells (160, 192, 224, 255 correct orders)