New Leaf introduces a whole new activity - water fun! Now, the player can put on one of the special diving suits (found at the Island) and head into the sea for a splash.

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Jump from cliffs into the sea!


Upon arrival at the island, you receive a swimsuit, which allows you to swim in the ocean. Once the character is wearing a swim suit, they can swim out to sea, alone or with friends. There's a cute kicking action and the swimming movement is very smooth. Swimming into the sunset looks really relaxing.



Splish, splash! Swim with friends!

When you're in the water, there is a point to this swimming activity - another way to get your paws on some bells! If you see a strange shadow in the sea near you, you can dive down and grab it. The item you retreive will be added to your inventory so you can sell it back on land. You can dive for coral, special shells, sea grapes, and other items you can't catch with a traditional fishing pole. We love this new dynamic!