Fishing has been in every Animal Crossing game thus far. There are a total of 70+ different fish for you to catch once you get your hands on New Leaf.

How to FishEdit


A couple of New Leaf players going fishing

We assume fishing will be the same as in Wild World; the player will go to the fish sneakily, while equipped wi a rod, then they would toss out the line, wait for the shadow in the water to make a splash on the bait, then rapidly pull it in.

The possible rods are as follows: Fishing Rod: This is a common tool found in Tom Nook's store, sold for 500 Bells each. It is the easiest of the rods to get and is the usually the first the player will receive. Until you get Nookingtons, they will sell every other day or so.

Silver Rod: This rod makes catching fish easier and can also be bought at Nookingtons. Surprisingly, the silver rod can be bought for 500 Bells, the same as the fishing rod, despite being better. However, the silver rod is very rare. This rod is in Animal Crossing: City Folk only.

Golden Rod: The most arduously obtained rod, it can only be obtained when the player catches all the fish. Without time traveling, it will take, at the very least, around eleven months to catch them all. This rod makes catching fish even easier than with the silver rod.

Types, Prices and RarenessEdit


A player fishing

There's no exact info on this section yet, but we do know that there is a total of 72 fish available to catch. Dropped fish include Jellyfish. New species include the Whale Shark, Giant Trevally, Oarfish, Doctor Fish, Saddled Bichir, Blowfish, Tadpole, Soft Shelled Turtle, Ribbon Eel, Chinese Mitten Crab and Sawshark. In this new game, 41 fish are freshwater and 31 are saltwater.

Shells and CrittersEdit

You may want to check out this whole new activity called diving. This feature - only available in New Leaf - sees the player go swimming and diving for secret sea crustations that can be sold for even more bells!