Shoes are a girls' best friend

Kicks, known as Shoe Shank in Japan, is a store that's brand new for New Leaf. It is run by Kicks the skunk, and it is where the player can purchase boots and shoes as well as socks. In previous games the most customisation over footwear a player could have would be recolouring their default shoes, therefore this is a very exciting new feature for New Leaf.



Entering the store

To have Kicks in your town, you will need to have spent 8,000 bells in Able Sisters and it takes three days for Kicks to be built. After it has been built it cannot be expanded.

The StoreEdit

In Kicks, there are a maximum of six items available at any one time. These items are changed each day so keep checking in case you spy something you like! Shoes are like clothing items and can be equipped, changed, sold and bought. you can get different height and sized shoes, for example pumps and rain boots. you can walk barefoot on the beach. Its hours vary depending on your town laws.